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Teeth Whitening

I’m finally trying out WordPress from my phone… so we shall see how it goes! Last night I decided to start using a whitening system that I received for Christmas. I told my parents not to spend alot on one so they got me Up & Up Advanced Whitening Wraps which is a 7-day dental whitening system. Up & Up is a brand made by Target. This whitening system was half the price of the Crest White Strips which is all I have used in the past. Since last night was only my first night, my teeth haven’t changed shades but I’m hoping this product works as well as others. The first thing I like is that these are not flimsy little strips. I could never get Crest White Strips to stay on my teeth. They were constantly sliding off and it was just a mess. These are thick and feel like wax or something similar. They are flexible and have tabs that you press down on the back of your teeth to hold it in place. These do not move around at all! It’s great! I did have one minor incident last night. I got the gel on my gum and it began burning and when I took the wrap off my bottom teeth, part of my gum had been bleached. That was my fault and I made sure to put the wrap above my gum tonight. The white spot is now gone but I was a little worried last night so my advice if anyone decides to try these is to make sure you don’t get it on your gum! It burns really bad and I couldn’t get it to stop burning. So far, I really like this whitening system so we shall see what it does for my teeth! I have included a picture (mainly to test out how pictures work on the app).

I wanted to post something more interesting but I have had a long day. The main purpose of this post was to test out the WordPress app on my iPhone. Thanks for checking out my site, I know it isn’t much yet but it’ll get there with time! I hope everyone has a great weekend..mine started early!

Goodnight everyone!