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Thank goodness it’s Friday! Actually, it doesn’t really make a difference because I’ve been on Spring Break all week so everyday has felt like the weekend! This has been a very relaxing break. Last Saturday, March 12, I went to my best friend, Jessica’s, softball game! It was alot of fun AND her team won which made it that much better! She’s a pitcher for NGCSU and I love getting to watch her strike everyone out! It was good getting to see her too because I hadn’t been able to see her since Winter Break. I am going to try to go to another one of her games in a couple of weeks, I really hope I am able to!!

That was one really fun thing I’ve done over Spring Break. Let’s see, I went on a sushi date with one of my other best friends, Kacey, the other night. We ordered WAY too much sushi! We probably didn’t even eat half of the rolls that we bought but we got them to go. My favorite, out of what we ordered, was a house special at Samurai Blue. It’s so good. I forget what all was in it but it was fried and had a special sauce over it. It’s probably my new favorite sushi! After we ate sushi, we came back to my house and hung out and baked brownies. Those were delicious as well! It was alot of fun hanging out with her too because I don’t get to see her often either.

Last night, I went out with David. He brought me flowers which was really sweet! They’re yellow/red/orange colored roses. I love them. We did a little shopping, went to Olive Garden, then went bowling. I don’t think I have ever bowled so horribly! I never even broke a 100. David did well, but I can’t say the same about myself. I give myself an “A” for effort though! I had alot of fun last night. I’m not used to being treated so well. And it just makes me realize that I deserve someone who will treat me great. Some guys are just not worth the time of day, and I’ve learned this the hard way. But I’m not getting into that. David got me a Bass Pro Shop hat and shirt. The shirt is pink, which is my favorite color and the hat is camo and says Bass Pro Shop in pink! We probably looked like a bunch of tourists in Bass Pro Shop because we were taking pictures with the stuffed moose and the fish in the tank. Oh well, I had alot of fun last night. I’m including a picture of the flowers David got me. I’m a sucker for flowers. They are even prettier in person!

Really, I’ve just been going to the gym, tanning, and shopping. I have bought a lot of new clothes, shoes, and makeup! I’m excited to wear them all which it could take me awhile before I ever actually wear them all. I bought this eyebrow collection thing from E.L.F. today at Target. It basically just has stuff to do your eyebrows. I’m obsessive over my eyebrows so I’m very excited to use this! I also got E.L.F. Beauty Book in Neutral. It’s 12 eye shadows and they are so pretty! I love neutral colors so this was perfect. It was cheap but E.L.F. products typically work well for me. They had several different Beauty Books to choose from but, like I said, I love neutral colors so I picked this one! I’m excited to use these eye shadows because they look pretty! I also bought some new nail polish, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish to be exact. I got two colors: Rockstar Pink and Blue Me Away!. I love these colors and will be using the blue one extremely soon! The Rockstar Pink is very glittery so I don’t think I’ll wear it on a regular basis, but it is really pretty and I like glitter alot. I’m including pictures, which are links, to the Beauty Book Eyeshadow and the two nail polishes I bought today if anyone’s interested in checking them out and ordering some! Click the pictures and check em out, I recommend them!

[amazon_image id=”B0043FINT8″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]E.L.F. Beauty Book – Neutral[/amazon_image] [amazon_image id=”B004KS0ODG” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color – Blue Me Away![/amazon_image] [amazon_image id=”B004KRXCFE” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color – Rockstar Pink[/amazon_image]

Right now, I’m doing laundry. And by doing laundry I mean that I’m washing my clothes then having to hang them all up to dry because our dryer decided to die today. I am on my third load of clothes and am running out of places to hang them all! Our dryer sounded like it was about to take off to outer space and smelled awful so instead of risking my clothes smelling like that, I just decided to hang them up. They are everywhere and I mean everywhere! Oh well, we are getting a new washer and dryer next week! I’m so excited. We’re finally joining the world and getting energy efficient appliances! I’m excited to use them next time I come home!

Well, I’m going to go heat up my leftover Olive Garden from last night. I love their Lasagna Rollata al Forno, it’s my favorite thing there besides their bread sticks. I’ll try to make another post soon! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

Teeth Whitening

I’m finally trying out WordPress from my phone… so we shall see how it goes! Last night I decided to start using a whitening system that I received for Christmas. I told my parents not to spend alot on one so they got me Up & Up Advanced Whitening Wraps which is a 7-day dental whitening system. Up & Up is a brand made by Target. This whitening system was half the price of the Crest White Strips which is all I have used in the past. Since last night was only my first night, my teeth haven’t changed shades but I’m hoping this product works as well as others. The first thing I like is that these are not flimsy little strips. I could never get Crest White Strips to stay on my teeth. They were constantly sliding off and it was just a mess. These are thick and feel like wax or something similar. They are flexible and have tabs that you press down on the back of your teeth to hold it in place. These do not move around at all! It’s great! I did have one minor incident last night. I got the gel on my gum and it began burning and when I took the wrap off my bottom teeth, part of my gum had been bleached. That was my fault and I made sure to put the wrap above my gum tonight. The white spot is now gone but I was a little worried last night so my advice if anyone decides to try these is to make sure you don’t get it on your gum! It burns really bad and I couldn’t get it to stop burning. So far, I really like this whitening system so we shall see what it does for my teeth! I have included a picture (mainly to test out how pictures work on the app).

I wanted to post something more interesting but I have had a long day. The main purpose of this post was to test out the WordPress app on my iPhone. Thanks for checking out my site, I know it isn’t much yet but it’ll get there with time! I hope everyone has a great weekend..mine started early!

Goodnight everyone!