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Sweet Saturday Night

Last year, I would have never guessed that in a year I would be sitting on my computer, updating my blog, on a Saturday night. But, it is what it is and I am enjoying the relaxation! I didn’t do much today.. I woke up and decided I wanted to lay out and get some color on me so I laid out for the majority of the afternoon. It was very nice, but my dog didn’t think so. She won’t stay inside though if I’m in the backyard, she just whines. My roommate and I ran a couple errands after we finished tanning and then we went to happy hour at a local Mexican restaurant called El Som! I found my new favorite dish there- Nachos over Rice. It was fajita style steak and chicken with vegetables over rice and it was all covered with cheese.. simply delicious! Once we returned home from dinner, I decided to bathe my dog because she had started smelling pretty rotten!

Now, bathing my dog isn’t a very pleasant task. Wendy loves to swim, in the pool or lake, wherever. But, stick her in a bathtub and she thinks she is being beaten or something! Tonight, however, she got in the bathtub all on her own! She is growing up so much! I am such a proud mother! She hated every second of her bath but she smells awesome now! And I used this new shampoo I bought, which is for dogs with dark coats. It’s supposed to make her black coat even blacker, so we will see how well it works! It smells delicious anyways! After her bath, and the soaking of my bathroom, I decided to just get on the computer and spend some time online. Also, I’m including a picture, which is a link, to the shampoo I used on Wendy! She is EXTREMELY soft now and smells delicious! There is also shampoo for white coats as well!
[amazon_image id=”B004B64OVU” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]PETCO Dark Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo[/amazon_image]

I had alot of fun answering those questions yesterday so I decided to look up some more! I always enjoy answering questions but HATE coming up with questions to ask people. I’m always asked to play that 20 questions game but I can never come up with anything good to ask. My question of choice is, “What’s your favorite color?” So I am not coming up with these questions on my own, I just find them online! For my past entry, and this one, I am using Featured Questions off of Xanga. They have some interesting ones!

Question 1: Are you an early bird, or a night owl? What’s your morning routine or why do you stay up late?
I’m a night owl, without a doubt. I didn’t have to put any thought into this question! I am always up late and hate waking up early. And the reason I stay up so late? Well, I don’t even have an exact reason. I’ll get tired so I get ready for bed but by the time I get into my bed, I’m awake! So I’ll watch TV and text with friends and play around on my phone and before I know it, it’s 2 a.m.! So I honestly don’t try to stay awake as late as I do, I just can’t help it! I have discovered MidNite, which is a great sleep aid! It’s non-habit forming and it doesn’t make you groggy when you wake up! I have always hated sleep aids because of the way I’d feel in the mornings but this one doesn’t make me feel bad! I don’t always end up taking this though, mainly because I don’t want to buy more all the time. If I took it every night that I couldn’t fall asleep, I’d run out in a week! Okay, maybe a little longer than a week, but still! If any one else has problems falling asleep, I highly recommend this sleep aid. If you click on the picture below, you’ll find more information on it and you can order it and end those sleepless nights!
[amazon_image id=”B001INWH7C” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]MidNite Natural Sleep Supplement, 30-Count Box (Pack of 2)[/amazon_image]

Question 2: Are you a spender or a saver? Do you think your age has any bearing on your answer?
I think I’m going to have to go with spender, although I have gotten better at saving money and making it stretch further. Before, I used to not think my spending through. If I saw a cute shirt, I’d buy it. Every time I go through my closet, I find clothes with price tags still on them that I just “had to have” and never wore. It disgusts me to see this, so I’ve started making sure I only get what I really want and know I’ll wear (or use, in the case of items besides clothing). When I had a job, money would burn a hole through my pocket so badly! But now I wish I had been saving because money wouldn’t be so tight now. Of course, being a broke college student is what I always expected. I know I’ll make good money (hopefully) when I get done with school! It’ll make all these years of being broke worth it! Also, I don’t think my age has anything to do with me spending money. If I have money available to spend when I’m older, I will. I know I’ll have to be more conscious about saving money once I have more responsibilities (such as bills) but I still will spend some here and there!

Okay, I’m only going to answer two questions tonight because I am going to work on my website some. I’m on the hunt for a new theme! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Take care!

April Fool’s

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! I have been trying to come up with something to post about but I really can’t think of anything interesting! It’s driving me crazy! So I started browsing on the internet and came across a few questions I thought I could answer in a blog post!

Question 1: Why do you blog? How long have you been blogging?
I blog because I always have too much on my mind. By blogging, I’m able to type out everything I am thinking and it helps me get my thoughts out. I always feel so much better after I blog, especially if I am stressed, or if a really great thing just happened and I want to share it. Blogging frees my mind up for even more thoughts to enter, but that’s okay! I’d rather have an overactive mind than an inactive one! I started blogging on Xanga around 7th grade I think, which would be when I was about 13 years old. As soon as I started blogging, I realized what an outlet it could be. I enjoyed writing out my thoughts, the good and bad ones, as well as keeping up with friends and their thoughts. I’ve always loved writing and a blog is just another way to do that! I also blog because I love sharing things with others. I hope that everyone who reads my blog enjoys learning about me and about things in my life!

Question 2: Do you take part in Black Friday shopping? What deals have you gotten on Black Friday?
Let me just start by saying, I LOVE BLACK FRIDAY! Shopping is a guilty pleasure of mine, always has been and probably always will be, so I love a day devoted to shopping and getting “good deals”. The reason I say “good deals” is because I don’t always think the prices on Black Friday are that great compared to any other time of the year. It just depends on what store it is. This past Black Friday, my friend and I traveled to many stores beginning at midnight on Black Friday and we did find some pretty good deals! Honestly, I can’t remember all of the deals right off. I know I got some pretty cheap clothes at Old Navy, some DVDs from Wal-Mart and Target, and a dog crate for my baby girl for half off (which is a great deal because she is a big girl and requires a big, expensive crate)! Unfortunately, this past Black Friday I was suffering from some eye problem. I don’t know if it was Pink eye or what, but on one of our stops I gave in and bought some Pink Eye relief eye drops. I was also sick in general, so dealing with crowds was not a pleasant experience. Another unpleasant experience this past Black Friday was the checkout line at Old Navy. I have never stood in a checkout line for that amount of time! I don’t remember right off how long we waited, but it was over an hour I think! It’s funny how people are so determined to get these good deals, when in reality you’re not saving that much half of the time. I know there are good deals on electronics but there are similar sale prices on clothing on other days as well. Black Friday is fun for me though because I get to people watch in addition to buying things. People watching is one of my favorite past times.. There are some interesting people out there!

Question 3: What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?
For my high school graduation present, my parents paid for me and two of my best friends to go to the beach, along with my mom. I had just turned 18 in April, and graduation was at the end of May. While we were at the beach, we had the idea that we were going to do something spontaneous. Now, I don’t think that by planning on doing something spontaneous that it was considered “spontaneous” anymore because we planned it all out. But at the time, we were so stoked to do something spontaneous that we talked about it for a few days and on the final day there, we followed through with our spontaneity. I decided to get my tragus pierced. We found a tattoo & piercing shop and I was so excited to be able to sign for myself! I got in the chair ready to be pierced and when he stuck the needle through my ear I thought I was going to faint. It was extremely painful! Come to find out, he didn’t do it properly, or with the right size needle. Also, the piercing was done at an angle so it is about impossible to change out the ring.  I found this out by the lady who pierced my nose last year and also my bellybutton when I was 15. That may not have been the most “spontaneous” thing that I have done but it is the funniest story of a spontaneous thing. It also taught me that I shouldn’t be so spontaneous because I want to know what I’m getting. Picking a random tattoo shop in Florida probably wasn’t the best idea, but then again I picked a random tattoo shop in Georgia, but just had better luck I suppose.

Those are the only questions I am going to answer right now. I’ll do some more in the near future! Hope you enjoy reading my answers!

Blue Me Away!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away! Nail Color

This is the blue nail polish I bought yesterday at Target. I think it’s a super cute color! I didn’t have ANY blue nail polish, besides navy, so I’m very excited that I purchased this color. It only required one coat! And the brush made it super easy to put on. I’m still awful at painting nails, so I apologize for the lack of skill in the above picture! If you want to purchase some, click the picture below! It’s a great color for spring/ summer! Highly recommended!

[amazon_image id=”B004KS0ODG” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color – Blue Me Away![/amazon_image]