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Can’t Sleep

Hello everyone! I’ve wanted to write since Monday but I’ve been incredibly busy with school work! I found some free time now since I can’t seem to fall asleep.

I’m just laying in bed watching some TV. I’m not even sure what’s on, I think it’s Man Vs Food. I watched The Real World tonight, I’m addicted to it. I used to not like reality TV but I have been sucked in! Real World was getting real tonight! This season is in Las Vegas and it makes me want to travel there so bad! I do hope I can go to Vegas one day, it’s a dream of mine. Anyways, tonight was the third episode of the season, I think, and there is so much drama already. One thing about reality TV is things aren’t taken slowly! Oh well, that’s what keeps me hooked! I really miss the show Big Brother.. I wonder when it is coming back on TV!

I need to find my motivation to work out, I seem to have lost it since coming back to school! Especially since I went to cracker barrel with my roommate Kaylee tonight. We had huge meals of good ‘ol country food and even splurged on dessert! The good thing is that there were leftovers so I have a meal for tomorrow now. Cracker Barrel just opened recently here in Statesboro, and I’m so glad it did! I love Cracker Barrel. It definitely satisfied my craving for fried food!

Hmm, I am trying to think of something interesting to type about but my mind is blank right now, probably because it’s getting late! I am excited though because I got my study guide done for my test Friday and I started my study guide for my test Tuesday. I figured if I started my study guide today, it’ll be less work over the weekend! Tomorrow will be spent studying for my test Friday, but I’m not too worried about it. The test Friday is in my Research Methods class and half of the material this test covers is material I learned in my Psychological Statistics class last semester, so it shouldn’t be too hard!

Oh, I want to add that I went in to Walgreens tonight and DID NOT buy any makeup! I am proud of myself. I did buy some chapstick, but that doesn’t count! I bought allergy pills too because the pollen is CRAZY down here! Everything is being covered with yellow! So my allergies have been acting up and I’m about to run out of my allergy pills since I’ve had to take them everyday, and I definitely don’t want to run out and be all sneezy!

I guess I will go and try to get some sleep! I’m very ready for the weekend so I can try to catch up on some sleep. Hope y’all have a goodnight as well as a good Thursday!


This is what my dog does while I do homework. I wish I could have the life of a dog!