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I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I realize that I have not updated my webpage in a ridiculously long time (ALMOST 1 YEAR)! I have been so busy since my last update that I have not had time to focus on updating. There were so many products I wanted to review but I just could not find the time. The other day, I began thinking of my website and how I missed it. But, I don’t want to do things the same way. From my own web browsing adventures, I’ve began to notice I don’t like going to webpages that are just trying to sell me stuff. I like reading into people’s personal life. That might sound creepy, but hey, I am a psychology major. I enjoyed doing reviews on products, and listing great deals I found, and I will still do that, but I am also going to include bits and pieces of my own life. I thought my website was getting boring and I want people to actually come and enjoy what they read, not be bombarded with items to purchase!

With that being said, I would like to give an update on what has been going on in my life. There really isn’t much to update on because the source of my busy schedule is school. I took several online classes this summer and studied for the GRE when I wasn’t doing school work. Last semester, I took 18 hours of classes and studied to take the GRE a second time so I barely had time to breathe, let alone update my website! This semester, I am only taking 10 hours because that is all I needed before May, which is GRADUATION! I can’t believe I am already getting ready to graduate college! Granted, I am currently working towards getting accepted into a Masters program so I am not through with college just yet. But I can’t believe that I will be done with my undergraduate college degree! These four years have flown by fast! I have grown so much as a person and have gotten so much out of college, not just from classes either. I try to think of where my life would be right now had I chosen not to attend college after high school and I can’t imagine it. This has truly been a great experience for me!

Class is not what is making me super busy this semester since I am only taking 10 hours. Graduate school applications have been consuming my life for the past few months. Applying to graduate programs is alot like taking on a part time, or even full time, job. I submitted all of my applications, however, and am just working on getting my supplemental materials turned in. Once everything is complete, I will have lots of spare time for my website! I will just be super anxious to hear back from the schools! My dream is to be a substance abuse counselor and in order to do that, I need a Masters degree. One thing I have decided throughout this whole process is that once I am finished and into a program (or not into a program, which I’m hoping is NOT the case), I will write a few pointers and answer any questions people might have! Because I know firsthand how stressful it can be and how hard it can be to find good information. So, if anyone has questions now, you can ask them in a comment. But I do plan on writing some tips here and there so look back here for those.

I guess I will get off of here and do some school work. I took a nap earlier and feel like I really need to be productive now! I do have a few products I will review on here eventually. So if you do like product reviews–check back!

Have a beautiful day! And stay safe if you are in the path of the storms I keep hearing about.

My life lately…

Well, I turned 21 last Wednesday and celebrated through this past Saturday. It was alot of fun! I’m glad I got to spend it with my friends and we all had a blast! It’s kind of sad now though because all I have to look forward to now is turning 25, but atleast my car insurance price will hopefully go down! Finals are coming up next week so that means this is my last full week of class. I am so excited for summer to get here! I was at the pool this past weekend and my float broke so I wasn’t very happy about that. I bought a new one though! This float is SERIOUSLY the best ever! I love them! I’ll include a link to buy one if you like going to the pool or lake like me and just lounging around. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with my website more once summer gets here. I’ll be pretty busy with school work until next week and then I’ll be going to celebrate my friend’s 21st birthday in Athens. I hope everyone’s doing well! 🙂 Talk to you all soon!