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Why is it that I have such a difficult time keeping up with my blog? I saw that I last wrote something at the end of January! And I think it is safe to say that I am not going to be completing the gratitude challenge that I was previously so excited about. I have been expressing my gratitude more, just not writing it down for the world to see. So in case you were wondering, I am still a grateful person.

Since the last post…

I figured I would give a brief update on my life, because I am sure everyone is very curious about my exciting life! Well, actually several exciting things have happened!


I finally got my first big girl job. I’m working in a nonprofit organization that serves women/girls who have been victims of sex trafficking. I am only working PRN (as needed) so I cannot use my new job to blame for my blogging hiatus. I probably work, on average, a couple of days a week. I may not work as much as I would like or need to, but I’m gaining experience and it has been a rewarding experience so far! I have also applied for my licensure exam and am waiting to hear back from the licensing board, giving me their approval to schedule my exam. I am waiting patiently impatiently to hear back because I am eagerly awaiting that LMSW title! I’m hoping that will open up some more opportunities for counseling positions.


My boyfriend took me to Disney World for the first time in my 24 years of life! It is truly one of the most magical experiences, and needless to say, I was a little kid again for that day! We only had one day to spend so we went to the Magic Kingdom. It was alot of fun, and I even rode one of the roller coasters! If you do not know me very well, I am terrified of roller coasters, so this was a big achievement for me. We got to see two different parades, one of which we were right up front for. We ate overpriced food and bought overpriced souvenirs that are awesome! It was definitely a blast and I cannot wait to go again one day! We were fortunate enough to be able to stay with Chris’s aunt and uncle who live in Florida. They were amazing and I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality. Since we were staying there, we were able to go to Clearwater Beach. Unfortunately, it decided to rain the day we went so we didn’t get to lay out on the beach. I was able to collect a few shells along the shoreline when there was a break in the rain. It began pouring before we made it to the car though so we got drenched. His aunt surprised us with a trip on a dolphin cruise the following day! And luckily the weather was beautiful! We got to see several dolphins jumping along with the boat; it was very cool! I also got very sunburned on the boat so at least it looked like I had been to the beach. 🙂







Actually, I went to the Georgia Aquarium twice since my last blog post. My aunt and uncle came into town so my dad and I went to the aquarium with them, and then, my partner in crime from grad school had never been so we went one day when we were both off from work. I love the aquarium! I definitely didn’t mind going twice within a short period of time because even though I was seeing the same exhibits, I was really seeing them differently each time. And when my friend and I went, it was a week day so the crowds were considerably smaller and we got to get right up close to most, if not all, of the exhibits. I would definitely recommend going on a week day if you are like me and like to avoid crowds. I really loved the sea otters and the dolphin show! After the dolphin show, we had the opportunity to watch them from the lobby. A man was standing outside of the glass and he was leaning on his cane. Well, the dolphins thought his cane was awesome! He began to pick it up and move it around and the dolphin would follow it and act like he was trying to bite it! It was alot of fun to see them playing like that. And the sea otters are hilarious and adorable, so of course I loved watching them.






My boyfriend’s parents gave him and I tickets for Christmas to see the Blue Man Group at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, and that day finally came last weekend! It was an AMAZING show! I knew who the Blue Man Group was, but I had no clue what to expect from their performance. There was comedy, there was dancing, and there was awesome music! I would recommend their show to anyone. We had great seats, but if you can, I would try and sit in the first few rows. You will be wearing a poncho because there is a chance you will be splattered with paint during the show! And at times, the guys will come out into the audience and either select an audience member to come on stage, or will stare into your face awkwardly. Oh, and you will not want to be late to the show either…but I will keep that a secret! It was a great date and a fun time, even though I was recovering from a nasty sinus infection (thanks pollen). Afterwards, we went to Texas Roadhouse to use a giftcard that we were also given as a gift along with the tickets. I had a delicious steak and sweet potato, and a strawberry margarita. I have apparently outgrown the years of drinking because after my ONE margarita at dinner, I took a two hour nap after getting home. Is that growing up or what?





We celebrated my boyfriend Chris’s birthday in March. And I made him wear this headband with a party hat on it that said “happy birthday” to Longhorn. And now that my birthday dinner with his family and my dad will be this weekend, he is trying to force the hat onto me. I have had some fun times with friends, made some good memories. Chris and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by helping my friend, Sarah, move and then her and her boyfriend joined us for a yummy dinner at Village Tavern! Nothing like being able to help out your best friend and then getting an amazing dinner in the same day! I celebrated Easter with Chris’s family! It was an awesome Easter weekend. It started with an amazing Good Friday service at church and ended with a delicious meal at his aunt and uncle’s house! I feel like I’ve done so many other things too. I know I’ve done dinner with friends, and shopping with my shopping-addicted friend. I’ll let her remain nameless though so no one will know who I am referring to ;). I also joined a gym and have yet to use my membership! Go figure. I won’t even begin with my list of excuses though, I will save you all from feeling obligated to read it.

Well, I am currently at work and had all sorts of spare time because I am working the overnight shift! So I figured I would write an update about my life! I really do want to write more frequently because I get alot built up that I want to share! I hope all of you who are reading this are doing awesome and if you’re not doing awesome at this moment, I pray you will be soon! Thank you for reading, and feel free to comment! I want to connect with my readers, even if it isn’t many at this time!


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